School Uniform Information

We believe that wearing uniform not only looks smart and is practical for school, but also just as with a football team, it gives the children a feeling of belonging and pride and helps to promote a positive attitude towards school and work.  We therefore expect children to wear uniform to school. We will send a reminder letter to parents if your child is not wearing the expected uniform.

·         Jewellery is not permitted except simple ear studs and watches. Items of religious significance need to be discussed with Mrs Slack.

·         Please note: the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury caused by the wearing of jewellery, including watches or inappropriate dress.

·         Nail polish is not allowed.

·         Please mark all your child’s clothing clearly with their name this makes it easier to reunite lost items with their owner.

·         Hair must be a natural colour.

·         Shaved patterns in hair is not allowed.

Uniform with the Tang hall School logo can be purchased from:


  • Grey or black trousers or shorts (not jeans or tracksuits)
  • Royal blue long sleeved crew neck jumper, fleece or hoodie
  • White polo shirt
  • Plain black shoes or black trainers

An appropriate coat to keep your child warm and dry.


  • Grey or black skirt, pinafore dress, trousers, or shorts (not, jeans or tracksuits)
  • In summer a blue ‘gingham dress’ (optional)
  • Royal blue long sleeved crew neck jumper,  cardigan, fleece or hoodie
  • White polo shirt
  • Plain black shoes or black trainers
The PE kit is the same for all children, with one exception for the girls.

·           Trainers for outdoor use

·           Plain white T-shirt with no motif

·           Plain royal blue or black shorts (girls – and/or black leggings)

·           AND tracksuit/jogging pants and sweatshirt for OUTDOOR PE

For Health & Safety reasons it is essential that no jewellery or inappropriate dress is worn in P.E. lessons.

If children forget their PE kit there is a small stock of spare shorts and T-shirts which they can borrow. A reminder letter may be sent to parents.

PE kit should be left at school for the half term and taken home to be washed each holiday.

Most items can be purchased from your local supermarket.

Some parents return outgrown uniform, please see Miss Murray for more information.