“High standards in uniform are indicative of the high standards that we promote at our school. Our uniform is part of our school identity and motto, uniting our pupils and we hope that they enjoy wearing it.”

At Tang Hall Primary School, in conjunction with Pathfinder Multi-Academy Trust, we aim to provide the most cost effective uniform for our families. We have made a commitment to:

  • Assess the overall cost implications including assessing the impact variations in uniform can have
  • Avoid frequent changes
  • Consider how costs affect different groups of pupils
  • Engage with parents and pupils when reviewing our uniform
  • Negating additional uniform for extra-curricular activities
  • Engage with uniform suppliers to secure good value for money


  • Grey or black skirt, shorts, pinafore dress or trousers (jeans, leggings or hot pants are not permitted)
  • Blue summer gingham school dress (optional)
  • White blouse, shirt or polo t-shirt (logo optional)
  • Blue sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan or hoodie (logo optional)


  • Sturdy, black or dark flat shoes or trainers
  • Wellington boots for wet/snowy conditions

Please note: school holds a selection of indoor black shoes.  Your child will be required to wear these if they are not in the stated uniform.

PE Kit

  • Trainers for outdoor use
  • Plain white T-shirt with no motif
  • Plain royal blue or black shorts (and/or black leggings)
  • AND tracksuit/jogging pants and sweatshirt for OUTDOOR PE

If children forget their PE kit there is a small stock of spare shorts and T-shirts which they can borrow. A reminder letter may be sent to parents.

PE kit should be left at school for the half term and taken home to be washed each holiday.

Outdoor Wear

  • A suitable coat or jacket throughout the year
  • A blue school fleece is available but optional
  • Hat for sunny weather

Accessories: Jewellery & Hair & Nails

  • Earrings should be one pair of studs. Earrings must be removed for PE. (However, at the teacher’s discretion, and after risk assessing the nature of the lesson, for exceptional circumstances, a pupil may be given permission to tape their stud earrings for the duration of the lesson).
  • Jewellery other than a watch is not permitted.
  • Hair styles should be appropriate for school.  Hair should not be coloured.
  • Long hair (shoulder length and longer) should be tied back at all times.
  • False nails, both stick on and acrylic, are not permitted.
  • Nail varnish should not be worn at school.
  • Items of religious significance need to be discussed with Mrs Slack.

Please note: the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury caused by the wearing of jewellery, including watches or inappropriate dress.


Uniform shop

We have a pre loved uniform shop in school where uniform can be purchased for a small donation. We stock a range of all aspects of our uniform including:

  • jumpers and cardigans
  • trousers, skirts and shorts
  • shoes
  • coats

Lots of our families use the shop and we are always appreciative of any uniform donations, please see Miss Murray for more information.

Our uniform shop is always open during parents’ evenings.

Uniform for school can be purchased from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s.

Uniform with the Tang Hall School logo can be purchased from:


Uniform Policy September 2023