Each year pupils are elected, by their peers, to represent their class as part of the school council.

To ensure the whole school has a voice we have a representative from Reception to Year 6.

This year our school council members are;

Rec: Evie and Lee-Lee
Y1: Kinga and Ollie
Y2: Evelyn and Ryan
Y3: Esme and Duncan
Y4: Lily and Mason
Y5: Masal and Oliver
Y6: Holly and Ellis

School Council Leader: Agata

During the first half of the Autumn term we discussed the new behaviour system. Each school council member discussed with the rest of their class what they enjoyed about the new system as well as any improvements they felt needed to be made.

As the school year moves forward the School Council will continue to allow the children’s voices to be heard and a range of issues to be discussed as part of a positive learning community.