Senior Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mrs. J.Slack

SENCO and Deputy DSL: Mrs R. Hiley

Teaching staff 

(Puffins) Miss J. Dawson
(Nursery) Mrs J. Sturgeon
(Reception) Mrs G. Hillier
(Year 1): Mrs R. Harrington and Mrs K. Fenwick
(Year 2): Miss T. Lloyd-Davies
(Year 3): Mr S. Lonsdale
(Year 4): Mrs C. Murphy
(Year 5): Miss J. Drinkall
(Year 6): Miss D. Eastwood

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A. Ward
Mrs C. Lund
Miss H Kirsop
Mrs S. Mason
Mrs B. Fearms
Mrs E. Wilson
Mrs. T. Pye
Mrs K. Hutchinson
Mrs T. Regan
Mrs J. Abbotson
Miss E. Hiley
Miss A. Jamieson
Miss C. Holland
Mrs J. Skinner
Mrs E. Opie

Site Staff

School Business Manager: Mrs V. Lupton
Office Manager: Miss A. Airstone
Administration Assistant: Mrs. T. Shillito
Administration Assistant: Mrs. E. Haigh
Site Manager: Mr M. Thompson
Facilities & Estates Manager: Mr M. Wells

Breakfast Club Manager: Miss. A. Jamieson
Breakfast Club Assistant: Mrs. S Mason
After School Club Manger: Mrs A. Ward/Miss A. Jamieson
After School Club Assistant: Miss E. Hiley  / Miss C. Holland
Parent Support Worker: Miss M. Murray
Behaviour Support Worker: Miss E. Opie

Mid-day Recreation Leader: Mrs D. Hall
Mid-Day Recreation Assistants: Miss C. Jamieson/Mrs C.Brown

Cook: Ms. A. Trousdale

Kitchen Assistant: Ms C.Gray/Ms A.Darking/Ms K. Hunter/Ms L. Fahey/Ms T. Moore

Cleaning Supervisor: Miss. C. Jamieson

Cleaning Assistants: Mrs C. Maynard/Mrs N. Smith/Mrs C. Brown/Mrs D. Hall