Our writing curriculum is designed to allow pupils to develop the firm foundations of grammar and composition in order to attain high quality outcomes.

Some teaching of writing is discrete whilst other lessons follow the school topic:

  • Welcome to Yorkshire
  • Influencers
  • Treasure


¨ Develop a love of writing

¨ Encourage accurate use of grammar

¨ Provide purposeful writing experiences


We have designed a progression of skills to allow our pupils to become proficient in:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Composition



Our entire curriculum, including writing, promotes opportunities to be Challenged, build Resilience, experience Enrichment and explore the wider World (#CREW).

Stakeholders have identified that our pupils lack confidence and life experiences. To ensure our pupils all reach their full potential, we have designed our writing curriculum with a focus on these specific barriers which include:

  • Building confidence, stamina and independence
  • Developing oracy and extending vocabulary
  • Knowledge beyond their immediate locality

 We have a current school focus on handwriting, accuracy and stamina because these are the areas affected by lockdown.

Writing Progression Map