Religious Education

“The ability to understand the faith or belief of individuals and communities, and how these may shape their culture and behaviour, is an invaluable asset for children in modern day Britain. Explaining religious and non-religious worldviews in an academic way allows young people to engage with the complexities of belief, avoid stereotyping and contribute to an informed debate.”

Religious Education Council of England & Wales

Our RE curriculum follows the agreed syllabus for City of York. Most lessons are taught discretely whilst other lessons follow the school topics:

  • Welcome to Yorkshire
  • Influencers
  • Treasure


Our curriculum promotes opportunities for pupils to:

  • Know about and understand a range of religious views
  • Express ideas and insights about the nature and significance of religious views
  • Gain and deploy skills needed to engage with religious world views


Our entire curriculum, including RE, promotes opportunities to be Challenged, build Resilience, experience Enrichment and explore the wider World (#CREW).

Stakeholders have identified that our pupils lack confidence and life experiences. To ensure our pupils all reach their full potential, we have designed our art curriculum with a focus on these specific barriers which include:

  • Building confidence, stamina and independence
  • Developing oracy and extending vocabulary
  • Knowledge beyond their immediate locality

RE Progression Map