Fluency and reasoning are the two main skills prioritised in the Tang Hall Maths curriculum. Daily sessions ensure that skills are not forgotten and that new content can be pre taught or introduced or that misconceptions can be addressed. Most maths teaching is discrete some lessons, if appropriate and where maths is the focus, follow the school topic:

  • Welcome to Yorkshire
  • Influencers
  • Treasures


We use maths to develop fluency with number needed in the real world and everyday life.

  •  We use maths to encourage investigation skills.
  • We use maths to embed basic skills.
  • We use maths to prepare pupils for the next stage of their learning by providing purposeful real-life scenarios.


By the end of their primary education, pupils are able to reach their potential because the following skills are embedded day in, day out:

  • Fluency in the 4 operations
  • Reasoning in different situations

Maths Calculation Policy

Maths Progression Map