How to obtain further information on the curriculum:

Please telephone our school office on 01904 806515 to request paper copies of any of our curriculum information or policies. 

Ethos, Vision and Values: THE BIG PICTURE

Pupils, parents, governors and members of our community contributed to the formation of our curriculum. After shortlisting the values that they felt represented the school, we grouped these with our ethos to form the vision and values of our curriculum.

‘Proud to achieve together’

Our curriculum focuses on the quality delivery of a core curriculum enhanced with opportunities and experiences.  It is our intent to develop opportunities and experiences for pupils to be challenged, develop resilience, experience enrichment and discover the world.


The intent of each curriculum area contribute towards the ‘Big Picture’.  Each subject has its own intent:

  • Art allow pupils to draw, paint and make with growing confidence, control and thought.

  • Computing allows pupils to progress skills and knowledge so that pupils can be best prepared to use technology beyond Primary School.

  • Design Technology allows pupils to develop confidence to plan, design, make and evaluate with growing confidence  and accuracy.

  • French allows pupils to possess the vocabulary, oral and written skills to prepare them for their secondary education.

  • Geography allow pupils to progressively understand the physical world from where we live to far off lands.

  •  History allows pupils to know significant historical people, events and changes in the world.

  • Music allows pupils to experience sounds and music in a range of contexts through increasingly complex compositions.

  • PE allows pupils to succeed and excel through competitive sport and physical activities by understanding fitness, health and values.

  • Science allows pupils to find the answers to questions about materials, physical processes and biology.