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At Tang Hall, we approach the curriculum through the use of immersion. Often, the immersion is a book, text or experiences. From this, we build an exciting curriculum. We take the needs of our pupils and barriers that our pupils face and enhance our curriculum with life skills, experiences and basic skills so that, by the time they are ready to leave us, they are well-prepared for their next step of the journey.

2021/2022’s topic titles:

Welcome to Yorkshire



2020/21’s topic titles:

Welcome to Yorkshire

Travel through Time and Space

Dead Famous


We follow the core National Curriculum which is then enhanced by our unique design to maximise our wonderful location of York and the breadth of Geography and History knowledge that this location can inspire.  We have also ensured that our curriculum is text based and a broad range of quality texts have been chosen for every year group for every half term.

Our Long term whole school curriculum plan promotes progression of knowledge and skills.

Each subject area has a knowledge and skills progression document which ensures that learning is built upon previous learning.


Our calming, neutral learning environments enhance our curriculum and support learning through consistently used working walls, displays and celebration of work and achievements.

Our school allotment is used to give children the opportunity to learn outside.

All children will have the opportunity to access this resource during each academic curriculum.


Every child has the right to access the curriculum and shine in area they excel at. We ensure that where needed, resources and learning is adapted to suit each child. We work with an open-ended approach to encompass a wide range of learning needs.  Where appropriate, pupils are provided with bespoke resources, additional adult support or bespoke lessons. Details are also included in our equalities policy and objectives which were written in response to the  Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Should you require any information on our curriculum, you can request a paper copy at the school office or by telephone on: 01904 806515.

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